How Much Wrap Do You Need?

Vehicle Size:

Whether you drive a truck, car, SUV or 18-wheeler, the amount of wrap you need depends on your vehicle size.Here’s a ballpark idea of how much vinyl each vehicle type requires for a full wrap:

  • Motorcycles:10-16 feet (3-5 meters)
  • Mini、small cars:42-45 feet (13-14 meters)
  • Convertible:49-52 feet (15-16 meters)
  • Coupe:55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
  • Sedan:55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
  • Hatchback:52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
  • Sports Car:52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
  • Station Wagon:59-65 feet (18-20 meters)
  • Sport-utility Vehicle (SUV):55-63 feet (17-19 meters)
  • Minivan:65-80 feet (20-24 meters)
  • Pickup Truck:72-92 feet (22-28 meters)


Q:What is the average amount of wrap needed for a car?

A:The amount of wrap needed for a car depends on the size and type of the vehicle, as well as the complexity of the design. On average, a standard-sized car may require about 60 to 75 feet of vinyl wrap material for a full wrap. Larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks may require more, while smaller cars or compact vehicles may need less.

Q:Can I choose to wrap just a part of my car?

A:Yes, you can choose to wrap just a part of your car rather than opting for a full wrap.When considering a partial wrap, keep in mind that the design and color of the wrap should complement the existing color of your vehicle. Also, consult with a professional vehicle wrap installer to ensure that the chosen design will be both aesthetically pleasing and technically feasible.

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