How to Maintain Car Body After Pasting Vinyl Wrap?

How To Maintain Your Vehicle After Vinyl Wrap?

As a new decorative car sticker product, many people only know a little information about this car body wrap – it is a type of car body color changing film. But about how to maintain the car body, I think many people want to ask and get the real answer. ???

So I will tell you in the following article – how to maintain the car body with a car sticker.

How to Maintain Car Body After Pasting Vinyl Wrap

  1. Don’t touch the vinyl wrap when you paste vinyl wrap sooner.

    After you finish the vinyl wrap sticking, the adhesion of car wrap is still not good, please don’t touch the vinyl wrap especially for the edge of the car sticker.

    PS: There is a possibility of subsequent bubbles or blisters, which is normal.

    Don’t worry about this situation, these air bubbles may disappear naturally after 10 ~ 20 days. Of course, you can also return to the store for treatment or consultation for timely treatment.

  2. Don’t spray the seam of vinyl film or car paint with the water gun

    a. Car washing should be carried out after three days of vinyl car wrap sticking( time for vinyl wrap dry out )

    b. Spray the water on the middle of vinyl wrap,  avoid the seam of vinyl car film and car paint with the water gun.

    c. Don’t use some items with adhesives to stick to the car body wrap surface.

    d. Don’t use cleaning tools that easily damage the membrane surface.

    how to wash vinyl wrap

    e. Don’t use brushes, abrasives, or sponges with abrasives to clean the membrane surface.

    f. The right washing way is to use a soft and wet cloth to wipe the vinyl wrap surface; if you need to use a cleaning agent, please choose a neutral cleaning agent.

    g. If you want to remove your original matte vinyl car body wrap, please go to the vinyl wrap store, which must be operated by a professional technician.

  3. What should you do of small scratches

    It is unavoidable to form small scratches on the car sticker due to various driving environmental reasons, such as car washing and wind sand.
    Don’t take care of this, the small scratches formed on the surface of the vinyl film will gradually restore smoothness under the sun. The TSAUTOP matte color-changing film or other vinyl film have a good memory ability and vinyl wrap will recover the most recent shape after heat under the sunshine.

  4. Can I Put The Car Under Sunshine for A Long Time

    Yes, I do.

    car vinyl wrap under sunshine

    Sometimes, your vinyl wrap will occur small blisters after a month, but it will disappear as time goes by.

    When you driving your car on the way to office under the high-temperature sunshine, the PVC car vinyl wrap will stick firmly with the car paint surface, the edge of the vinyl wrap will also get closer with the car body. So it is better to put your vehicle under the sunshine for 2 hours after you paste a new chameleon vinyl wrap on your car body.

  5. Vinyl Wrap Color Difference after A Year

    It is no color difference. Because the molecular structure of vinyl auto wrappen is very stable, so the color quality is stable.

    If you feel your color gets change, then you should wash your vinyl wrap.

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