How to open a car vinyl wrap shop?

The prospects of a car color changing film/vinyl PVC wrap

Are you considering a career in vinyl wrapping? Car color changing film is a hot industry in the car decoration market now, and with the continuous increase of domestic car ownership,Customers are using vinyl wraps more than ever to customize their cars, trucks or SUV,boates,mototrcycle and more. it is a trend to change car body color style to meet the idea which car owners eager to show their own personality via vehicle decoration.

It is a big probability to change the car body color after people purchased a vehicle via kinds of car vinyl wrap products, such as black vinyl wrap, matte auto vinyl wraps, chrome vinyl film, chameleon vinyl wrap, galaxy vinyl wrap and so on. Everyone is different to beautify their love car.

How to open a car vinyl wrap shop

But how to start your business in car wrapping industry, with the help of wrapmaster, you will know the methods and techniques on how to start car wrapping successfully.

So what does it take to open a car color-changing vinyl wrap shop?

1.Pre-conditions of vinyl film shop:

  1.  You need to have an analysis and be familiar with your local car wrap decoration or car vinyl modification market and have certain investment and management experience.
  2.  Lease or own business premises, the use area is more than 100 square meters, of which the car wrap color-changing construction site area is at least 50 square meters.
  3.  Standard parking spaces (8 * 4.5 meters), more than 2 are recommended to allow sufficient parking spaces for vinyl car wrap sticking construction.
  4.  The temperature requirements: keep above 20℃, if the environmental temperature is too low, the stretchability of car wrap stickers will become weak.
  5. Daylighting and lighting: The light must be bright enough; in a clean room, the floor is clean and free of dust, space is independently sealed, simple air exhaust equipment and air conditioning are the best.

2.The requirements of materials to open car wrap shop:

  1. Construction tools of vinyl wrap rolls pasting and kinds of vinyl wrap car color cards required for customers to choose colors after opening the store.
  2. A vinyl car wrap film color cards wall display. Let your color-changing film car modification customers come in at a glance.
  3. Promote posters introducing your car body wrap store and car PVC vinyl film brand.
  4. Uniform work clothes, showing the spirit and image of the color-changing vinyl film wrap storefront.
  5. A vinyl car wrap brand plate block for promotion after the completion of color-changing auto wrap.
  6. Vinyl rolls and wraps: You will need a range of vinyl rolls and wraps in a variety of colors, finishes and patterns, depending on customer requirements.
  7. Toolkit for auto car body vinyl wrap construction, vehicle colors wrap heating air gun, a poster for propaganda poster:

3.The requirements of car PVC vinyl film store operation

  1. Technical staff. It is best to have more than two car body sticker construction masters to open a color change film shop, which can improve the construction efficiency of vinyl film sticking and shorten the car wrap pasting construction time.

Of course, if you want to open a car PVC film store but you are not yet technical, you can lean the car vinyl wrap pasting skills via some vinyl car film Youtube video or request car wrap video from your vinyl wrap supplier. Training vinyl PVC filming skills help when opening a car film wrap store. These vinyl car wrapping sticking experience and car wrapping knowledge can help you to solve problems that your vinyl wrap customers have questioned.

  1. Vinyl car wrappen supply channels. No matter what you do, the supply of goods is a very important part.
  2. Have a good and stable supply of goods. You need to choose the best vinyl film price based on the good quality assurance of vinyl car wraps. make sure their wrap vinyl quality warranty, the supply ability of vinyl car wrap, update time of new car wrap pattern and after-sale service. Especially, pay attention to after-sale service, and the ability to solve the problem.
  3. Then you can purchase some car vinyl wrap sheets or request some free vinyl car wrap sample from different vinyl wrap suppliers. Test the car vinyl wrap on the ABS and choose some excellent effect vinyl film to ask for the best PVC vinyl price.
  4. Marketing strategies. Make a car vinyl wrap website and show your vinyl car wrapping business or completely car color changing the image to Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin or other social media. If possible, you can ask your car vinyl wrap supplier whether they agree with add your car wrapping website on their vinyl car sticker wrap website as a local shop.
  5. Great Customer Support.Excellent customer service is essential for establishing a reliable reputation and promoting repeat business.

4.The last is the general cost of opening a color-changing film shop:

  1. The decoration of the PVC film vinyl store needs.
  2. The upfront rent of the car wrap rolls store.
  3. The purchase cost of the color vinyl sticker film.
  4. Some scattered wrap vinyl film construction tools.

So the total cost of opening a vinyl car wrap film shop is all above these 4 points, you can make a summary of the total price according to your local situation.

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