How to stick car vinyl wrap

How to Wrap a Car?

How to stick car vinyl wrap

Many people want to change a vehicle’s body appearance and show their personal style via satisfied colors one type of vinyl car wrap or several combination types of matte car wrap, chameleon vinyl film or metallic car stickers, etc. Anyway, auto full-body car vinyl film is a good choice to get a new car style and it is very cost-effective. You can change the color for your car body and select an advanced matte wrap or electric-optic film effect for your vehicle as you want.

How to stick car vinyl wrap

How to paste car wrap vinyl film on the vehicle/van/truck body

1. Clean the car body surface before you stick car film.

We should keep the vehicle’s surface clean if you want to paste car pvc wrap, and it is best to wash the car body via non-oily cleaner or 75% alcohol, then dry out of the vehicle body. If there are some car scratches on your car, please treat the surface with sand wax, which will make the final car vinyl wrap sticking effect better.

2. Spray mixture of white wine or alcohol with water on car body

Use a sprayer equipped with the mixture of white wine & water or alcohol & water, to spray evenly on the car body which you want to paste (especially for the concave surface).

3. Select a type of vinyl wrap and prepare to paste vinyl film

a. Remove the Bottom paper of the car vinyl wrapping and let the car vinyl film wrap close to the concave surface of the vehicle, align the sticking position of the vehicle body via moving left, right and do some adjustment.

b. Press the middle of car pvc wrap tightly on the car body’s surface, slowly push the two side horizontally, and squeeze out the water.

c. Press the car vinyl sticker on the vehicle slowly with your fingers and push it upward to squeeze out the water. If there is a warp or wrinkle, use a hot blower to slightly heat the car wrap and smooth it out at the same time.

4. Don’t clean the vehicle within 24 hours after the paste.

You’d better clean the vehicle at 24 hours later, leave more time for the vinyl car wrap to fix on the car body.

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