Is it necessary to cover the automobile with car wrap?

The auto body film is faultless and long-lasting. It has been developed into a practical product that can be simply removed or redone at any time, which is entirely different from the conventional paint method, which calls for the surface of the paint to be mechanically processed, sealed, coated, and painted in numerous processes.

The function of the car body film is as follows:

1. In the area of improving the appearance of cars, a new product called car wrap has been developed that not only corrects cosmetic and functional flaws but also enhances the paint’s protective properties. The traditional automobile beautification spraying procedure achieves individuality and hobbies at the expense of the original car paint. The automobile body film can give the illusion of painting, but it also eliminates the need to restore the original paint to satisfy customer demand constantly.

2. When you apply car wrap to your vehicle, you immediately get a unique look that provides protection and helps save maintenance costs. The car film can protect the original paint for as long as ten years, avoid costs such as glaze coating, and save beauty costs. Vehicles that have been coated with film do not need to be polished, waxed, sealed, or coated. Daily maintenance only requires washing the car. Therefore, vehicles with film applications can significantly save on beauty costs.

3. Many people like a personalized car, but the general original car paint is monotonous and there are few colors available. While the car film has many colors to choose from, so you can match and combine them at will, even custom pictures can be printed through photo taking. The car body film reaches a degree of freedom, and the color of the car body can be changed as you want.

4. Resistant to chemical corrosion and erosion by acid rain, insect carcasses, bird droppings, resins, etc. The film is made of polymer-polymer material, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of weak acids, bases, and salts.

5. Block out sunlight and high temperatures, and reduce the natural hazards of cars. Prevent UV radiation from affecting the paint surface

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