T-Grade TPU Paint Protection Film

TPU paint protection film can effectively isolate your car’s paint from acid rain, UV rays, and other environmental contamination. The self-healing characteristics of the material mean that minor scratches can be repaired automatically by their molecular structure at the molecular level. A special scratch repair system is installed in the first layer of the film; as soon as the damage occurs to the film, the scratch will disappear. Meanwhile, the paint protection film maintains its performance, offering superior adhesion without fading or delamination. Paint protection film made of TPU ensures a perfect fit for different car models, offering comprehensive protection for the full body of your vehicle’s exterior. It covers small scratches and dents to avoid them being more serious and allows you to flaunt your car’s original paint job’s inherent attractiveness. There are no foggy hues or tints in the film, allowing the natural color to come through. Your car can also be washed and waxed as usual.