Carbon Ceramic Car Window Film CCM1090

Brand: Wrapmaster (factory)

Material: PET Primer

Certificate: ROHS

Size: 1.52*30M

Coating:Carbon + ceramic

Color: Dark Black


Light transmittance:10%

Heat rejection:90%

Anti-UV rate:99%

Application: Rear windshield film protection

Weight: 7kg/roll

Why do you choose WrapMaster Carbon Nano Ceramic Car Window Film?

The advantage of Carbon Nano Ceramic Car Window Film is its excellent heat rejection and capacity to increase clarity. Due to the fact that it contains no metals, it is great for tinting windows and decreasing mobile phone signal. Additionally, the film strengthens the automobile window. Carbon particles also add to the tint’s resilience. As a result, the hue is extremely robust and can endure for years.

Carbon Car Window Film comes in a variety of hues and is ideal for houses with large windows. This film provides increased energy efficiency while remaining inexpensive. The metallic coating comprises minute particles that aid in the window’s reinforcement. On the other hand, it provides windows with an external mirror-like aspect. This makes it a perfect alternative for residential and commercial properties. It is available at a variety of pricing points but is significantly more expensive than carbon window tint.

The primary benefit of Carbon Nano Ceramic Car Window Film is its strong IR rejection. This film can block up to 90% of solar heat, whereas carbon film window tint blocks just 40% to 60%. Additionally, this film does not obstruct the view within the vehicle. The deeper the color, the more desirable it is.

The best UV and heat protection of any window tint is provided by Carbon Nano Ceramic Car Window Film. The film transmits visible light while insulating the interior from heat. Due to its lack of glare reduction, it has little effect on electronics. Unlike dyed or hybrid films, its color does not fade over time. Additionally, it assists in reducing glare and UV radiation. This is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. 

The most advantageous feature of ceramic Car Window Film is its high energy efficiency. It blocks around 85 percent of the sun’s heat and enables less heat to enter the vehicle’s interior. As a consequence, the tint is safe for electronic devices and enables you to drive without fear of impinging on your privacy. This implies that your automobile can maintain a comfortable temperature while being heated. It is far superior to a standard window tint.

The primary advantage of ceramic Car Window Film is its exceptional resistance to glare and fading. Additionally, the coating makes the glass very shatterproof. The carbon nano window layer blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet and infrared light. These are the two most critical variables to consider when selecting a tinted glass. A high-quality film can significantly minimize glare and heat. This is not a tinted windshield.

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Item Name Carbon Ceramic Car Window Film CCM1090
Brand WRAPMASTER Size 1.52x30M
Material PET PRIMER Film thickness 2 mil
Coating Carbon + ceramic Light Transmittance 10%
Color Dark Black Heat Rejection 90%
Texture Effect Blackout Window Tint Film Anti-UV rate 99%
Air bubble free Natural Air release Glue Imported Removable Glue
Adhesive features Air-Release, Permanent, Removable, Anti-Heat Application Window Decoration and protection
Usage Rear Windshield Stickers Installation Dry
Expected Durability 10 years Weight 7kg