Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film CCM2070

Brand: Wrapmaster (factory)

Material: PET Primer

Certificate: ROHS

Size: 1.52*30M

Coating:Carbon + ceramic

Color: Mid Black


Light transmittance:20%

Heat rejection:70%

Anti-UV rate:99%

Application: Rear windshield film protection

Customize: Any Small size and Packing box

Weight: 7kg/roll

Why do you choose WrapMaster Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film?

Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film is designed for homes with large windows to increase energy efficiency while remaining cost-effective. Its metallic coating consists of tiny particles that help strengthen the window and provide a mirror-like appearance to the exterior. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film offers a variety of benefits, including strong infrared suppression, UV and heat protection, anti-glare, and anti-fading properties.

Powerful infrared suppression capability
Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film can block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, while carbon ceramic window film can only block 40-60% of the sun’s heat. Additionally, it does not affect visibility inside the car, which is especially desirable in darker shades.

Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film allows visible light transmission while effectively insulating the interior. Although the glare reduction is small, it has a minimal impact on electronic devices. Unlike dyed or blended films, its color remains vibrant over time. Additionally, it helps reduce glare and UV radiation, a key factor in its popularity.

Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film blocks approximately 85% of the sun’s heat and prevents excess heat from entering the vehicle’s interior. This ensures a safe environment for electronic devices and enables comfortable driving without compromising privacy. It performs significantly better than standard window tints.

Anti-glare and anti-fade properties
The carbon nano window layer effectively blocks 99% of UV and infrared rays, two key factors to consider when choosing tinted glass. High-quality films can greatly reduce glare and heat.

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Item Name Carbon Ceramic Privacy Window Film CCM2070
Brand WRAPMASTER Size 1.52x30M
Material PET PRIMER Film thickness 2 mil
Coating Carbon + ceramic Light Transmittance 20%
Color Mid Black Heat Rejection 70%
Texture Effect Blackout Window Tint Film Anti-UV rate 99%
Air bubble free Natural Air release Glue Imported Removable Glue
Adhesive features Air-Release, Permanent, Removable, Anti-Heat Application Window Decoration and protection
Usage Rear Windshield Stickers Installation Dry
Expected Durability 10 years Weight 7kg