Carbon Ceramic Windshield Tint CCM3090

Brand: Wrapmaster (factory)

Material: PET Primer

Certificate: ROHS

Size: 1.52*30M

Coating:Carbon + ceramic

Color: Light Black


Light transmittance:30%

Heat rejection:90%

Anti-UV rate:99%

Application: Rear windshield film protection

Customize: Any Small size and Packing box

Weight: 7kg/roll

The primary advantage of Carbon Ceramic Windshield Tint is its exceptional resistance to glare and fading. This high-quality film features a carbon nano window layer that blocks 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet and infrared light, making it an ideal choice for reducing glare and heat. It provides the best UV and heat protection among window tints, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle while safeguarding your electronic devices. Additionally, the film’s shatterproof coating enhances safety.

Carbon Ceramic Windshield Tint stands out for its strong IR rejection, blocking up to 90% of solar heat compared to traditional carbon film window tint, which typically blocks only 40% to 60%. Moreover, it does not obstruct visibility from within the vehicle, and the depth of color adds to its appeal.

For those looking to enhance energy efficiency and enjoy a more comfortable driving experience, Carbon Ceramic Windshield Tint is an excellent choice. It significantly reduces the amount of heat that enters your vehicle’s interior, making it safe for electronic devices and ensuring a pleasant driving experience. Unlike standard window tints, this film doesn’t fade over time, maintaining its glare reduction and UV protection capabilities, which are two of the primary reasons for its popularity.

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Item Name Carbon Ceramic Windshield Tint CCM3090
Brand WRAPMASTER Size 1.52x30M
Material PET PRIMER Film thickness 2 mil
Coating Carbon + ceramic Light Transmittance 30%
Color Light Black Heat Rejection 90%
Texture Effect Blackout Window Tint Film Anti-UV rate 99%
Air bubble free Natural Air release Glue Imported Removable Glue
Adhesive features Air-Release, Permanent, Removable, Anti-Heat Application Window Decoration and protection
Usage Rear Windshield Stickers Installation Dry
Expected Durability 10 years Weight 7kg