Metal Ceramic Film Tint MF1895

Brand: Wrapmaster (factory)

Material: PET Primer

Certificate: ROHS

Size: 1.52*30M

Coating:Ceramic +Metal

Color: Dark Black


Light transmittance:18%

Heat rejection:95%

Anti-UV rate:99%

Application: Rear windshield film protection

Customize: Any Small size and Packing box

Weight: 7kg/roll

What Is Wrapmaster’s latest Metal Ceramic Film Tint?

Wrapmaster’s latest innovation, Metal Ceramic Film Tint, is a diffuse reflecting inorganic metal thermal insulator. Its working principle is to effectively intercept and cool the heat source caused by direct sunlight by blocking infrared rays, hence the nickname “infrared killer”.

This range of Wrapmaster Metal Ceramic Film Tint uses cutting-edge nano-ceramic inorganic tungsten oxide technology, known for its exceptional clarity and weather resistance, to provide best-in-class thermal insulation properties.

Metal Ceramic Film Tint is made with a proprietary light-curing composite adhesive layer and stable inorganic tungsten oxide molecules to ensure it does not dissolve or oxidize at high temperatures, thereby minimizing the emission of harmful substances.

At the same time, the viscosity of the adhesive is enhanced, resulting in a thinner but more secure protective layer, and is complemented by a unique UV-PSA primer that is easy to apply and does not displace the adhesive. Ensures clear vision even after installation. Whether you’re driving at night or in adverse weather conditions, you can experience optimal visibility from inside your car.

Metal Ceramic Film Tint guarantees long-lasting and consistent performance without worrying about yellowing, blackening, or fading. It has an extended shelf life and eliminates the need for frequent resealing and maintenance.

It will not interfere with GPS, ETC, or mobile phone signals, ensuring uninterrupted travel. Additionally, it has the potential to counteract the effects of long-term use. Strict VOC non-toxic testing has confirmed the absence of any volatile hazardous chemicals.

If you are interested in becoming a Wrapmaster Metal Ceramic Film Tint dealer, please feel free to contact us.

Consider becoming a Wrapmaster Ceramic Film Tint dealer, please contact us.

Item Name
Metal Ceramic Film Tint MF1895
Brand WRAPMASTER Size 1.52x30M
Material PET PRIMER Film thickness 2 mil
Coating  metal+ ceramic Light Transmittance 18%
Color Dark Black Heat Rejection 95%
Texture Effect Blackout Window Tint Film Anti-UV rate 99%
Air bubble free Natural Air release Glue Imported Removable Glue
Adhesive features Air-Release, Permanent, Removable, Anti-Heat Application Window Decoration and protection
Usage Rear Windshield Stickers Installation Wet
Expected Durability 10 years Weight 7kg

What are the benefits of Metal Ceramic Film Tint?

  1. High perspective—-advanced nano-coating technology

The front windshield film is coated with fine nanoparticles on the layers of heat insulation film using modern nanocoating technology. The particles are densely packed, the ultra-wide angle is as clear and transparent as driving on wet days and nights.

  1. High thermal insulation—-breakthrough solar thermal insulation structure

The 760-2500 (nm) solar band, which contains the majority of the solar heat energy, is blocked, and more than 95% of the solar heat source is highly isolated, resulting in significant fuel savings, energy savings, and carbon reduction.

  1. High sun protection—-UV-PSA UV isolation

UV-PSA UV isolation composite adhesive layer, high-efficiency dual-block UVA+UVB, is a self-adhesive, high-efficiency sunscreen.

  1. Durable and stable—Adopt advanced special inorganic tungsten oxide technology

Through the use of sophisticated unique inorganic tungsten oxide technology, the thermal insulation rate is not reduced by prolonged exposure to sunshine, and the thermal insulation effect is long-lasting and stable.

  1. Energy-saving and environmental protection—EU ROHS certification

It has passed the EU ROHS standard, uses high-tech metal-free environmental protection materials, does not emit dangerous gases into the human body, and the material is not destroyed or polluted.

  1. No oxidation—-advanced special inorganic tungsten oxide technology

Utilizing a novel inorganic tungsten oxide blocking agent that contains inorganic metal, has a diffuse reflection property, is non-oxidizing, and does not interfere with GPS, ETC, or cell phone signals (but not including the car glass attached to special processing or with any metal coating).

  1. No glare—-special optical inorganic film

It can intelligently filter light because it was developed using sophisticated optical inorganic thin film technology. Internal reflection is extremely low, and the line of sight is unaffected by apparent changes caused by changing glass arcs and viewing angles.