Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film 2128

Function: Self Healing, UV PROOf, Sand Proof, Color Changing, Anti Scratch, Infrared proof, privacy protection, Anti-Yellowing, Removable, Stretchable.

Color TPU PPF: offering not just protection but also aesthetic enhancements to the vehicle​.

Protection: It creates an impermeable layer of protection over the paint of the car, preventing stones, insects, road debris, and other environmental causes from damaging it.

Durability: TPU is renowned for its exceptional resilience to abrasions, guaranteeing the paint of the car long-lasting protection.

Self-healing qualities: Wrapmaster has self-healing abilities far in advance of any car wrap vinyl. Gently apply heat with a heat gun, certain TPU films have the ability to gradually cure small dents and swirl marks.

UV Proof, Sand Proof, Anti-Scratch: Highlights the film’s ability to protect against ultraviolet radiation, sand damage, and scratches, maintaining the car’s appearance and structural integrity.

Anti-Yellowing: Ensures that the film remains clear without yellowing over time, preserving the original color and clarity of the vehicle’s paint.

Paint-Safe Adhesive: Wrapmaster is backed with a fully surface-safe, heat-activated, removable adhesive that will never eat through or dissolve top-coats on your car’s paint, unlike lesser products.

Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film is a perfect material for vehicle decoration and protection. The material’s paint is dyed using two-way stretching technology and is textured to look like high-end car paint. It also can be created in a variety of colors to meet your specific needs. When driving in a complicated environment, stones, gravel, debris, and other unforeseen road obstacles can easily damage your car’s paint. Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film can help your vehicle avoid scratches by using our self-healing feature.

Advantages of Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film:

Raw material uses TPU top rank 500 enterprises–Lubrizol

Adhesive:  Uses Ashland adhesive top-rank 500 enterprises–Ashland

Coating: Coating technology adopted from Japan Cashew Coating

PET: PET release liner uses Japan Toray Model NO.CMII–Japan “Toray”

Features of Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film:

-Self Healing

-UV Proof

-Sand Proof

-Color Changing

-Anti Scratch

-Infrared Proof

-Privacy Protection




Item Name

WrapMaster Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film

Performance level



TPU— Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer

Texture Effect
Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film
Surface Type
Self-Healing Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film
Air bubble free
  PET Liner Air release
Vinyl Type
cast Vinyl
Film thickness (with glue)
Release paper
140g/m2, Silicone coated with air channels
Adhesive thickness
Henkel solvent-based Acrylic-based, repositionable, slidable
Adhesive features
Air-Release, Permanent, Removable
Adhesive type
Adhesive power
Temperature resistance
-40°c to +120°c
Heat temperature
More than +120°c
Tensile strength
Along: min. 19Mpa, Across min 19Mpa
Along: min. 130%, Across: min. 150%
Expected Durability
8 years
Removable with heat
Application method
Dry Installation
Application method
Wet Installation
Application temperature
+8°C minimum (air and substrate)
Cars & Vans, Trucks, Watercraft, Laptop, Cell phones, Wall, Furniture etc.
Application surface
Compound curves, Concave surfaces, Corrugations, Flat, Simple curves
Stretchable, Removable, UV proof, Weatherproof,  Resistant to solvents, Easy cleaning, Easy maintenance, Stylish, Can stick anywhere

The Structure of Piano Black TPU Paint Protection Film:

What is TPU PPF?

A Poly urethane could be of recyclable using heat ( Known as TPU : Thermoplastic Poly Urethane ) and of Non –recyclable using heat called thermo set – poly Urethane. … TPU is once again 2 types – Aromatic and Aliphatic TPUs. For better durability Aliphatic TPU is preferred.

How strong is TPU?

TPU is widely used as an additive for strengthening other materials. For example, composites of TPU and Polycarbonate or ABS have an improved flexural modulus up to 150,000 psi. Though pure TPU tensile strength is around 5076 psi (for Shore 70A).

Is PPF coating worth it?

PPF and Ceramic coating are both recommended as they share many benefits, however, they have some distinctive features which will help you in finding the best solution for your vehicle. PPF provides better protection against damage caused by road debris and rock chips when compared with Ceramic coating.