Pink Vinyl Wrap Super Gloss Metallic Car Sticker

Model: SGM3013

Brand: Wrapmaster (factory)

Color: Pink Car Wrap

Material: PVC

Certificate: ROHS

Features: self-adhesive, air bubble-free, Super glossy finished

Vinyl Car Sample:  free vinyl wrap sample, car wrap sample book  available

Application: Cars Auto Wrappen & Vans, Trucks, Watercraft, Laptop, Cell phones, Wall, Furniture etc.

  • Wrapmaster pink vinyl wrap super gloss metallic car sticker is supplied from WRAPMASTER vinyl wrap factory, suitable for the young lady, popular in the vinyl wrap market, worth to keep this vinyl wrap pattern in your vinyl wrap store, and we also send vinyl wrap sample book as a gift if you order quantity more than 10 rolls.
  • This gloss pink metallic wrap make use of high-quality PVC vinyl material, with a good self-adhesive feature. So, this super gloss metal vinyl wrap is easy to paste on your vehicle body, and you can try to stick our WRAPMASTER car wrap on your car body at home.
  • If you Don’t know how to do a DIY car decoration sticker for your vehicle, please see this article: How to stick car vinyl wrap,  or contact us for DIY vinyl wrap pasting video.
  • Yellow car wrap high gloss metallic vinyl is a type of popular car body decoration vinyl wrap, with top quality, self-adhesive and factory price features, mainly used for car body decoration, with a super gloss eye-catching effect, and highly advanced metallic feeling, can show your young and energetic style, with gloss bright smooth vinyl wrap surface, and self-adhesive & air bubble-free feature, can decorate your vehicle as a whole new style.
  • This vinyl wrap can beautify your vehicle as a new vehicle, decorate your car body in a fashionable style, and you only need to pay for the best affordable price for your car decoration, make your vehicle change a new body-color with metallic effect.
  • Super gloss vinyl metal car wrap for online and offline retail & wholesale, with features of the self-adhesive, air-free channel, car full body protection, waterproof, anti-UV, removable, stretchable, easy cleaning, easy maintenance and so on, display excellent colorful effect on the vehicle body, popular in kinds of car vinyl wrap store around the world. WRAPMASTER car wrapping film is a kind of sticker for car body decoration, such gloss vinyl film, super glossy crystal wraps, stain metallic PVC vinyl, camo car stickers, mirror chrome vinyl car film, matte car wrapping, brushed car deals, rainbow PVC vinyl, iridescence laser chrome film, chameleon pearl car wrap vinyl, etc. Chameleon Rose Gold Car Wrap is very cool for car body decoration, with a color-changing effect, popular in many car enthusiast customers. If you want to know more details about our car body vinyl film, choose WRAPMASTER, you will gain the future. Don’t hesitate, Call us!
    • Wrapmaster chameleon car PVC vinyl wrap is used for car body sticker decoration, make your vehicle change a new body-color with metallic effect and it looks like a new car.
    • Our car PVC films are top quality car stickers, with 3 years assurance.
    • Only purchase a roll of gloss foil car sticker, but you can get a new style car, it is very cost-effective.
    • Wrapmster wholesale & retail car wrap, window film, headlight film, cutting vinyl and advertising film.
    • We have 6000sqm car vinyl PVC wrap factory and modern brilliant wrap making machine, with a strong supply capacity.
    • If you want to know more about our car vinyl wrap, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wrapmaster vinyl wrap have ROHS certificate, 6000sqm car vinyl wrpping plant with advanced modern equipment and brilliant development abilities.

  1.  Environmental protection fabric, imported glue

    All fabrics are compliant with EU RoHS standards. Under normal circumstances, WRAPMASTER automotive vinyl wrapping paper does not release any harmful chemicals or airborne harmful chemicals. The imported glue with a thickness of 3mils is most suitable for installation and repositioning, sliding, movable, and no residue.

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  3.  Smart installation, saving labor and money

    WRAPMASTER automotive packaging paper uses water cube and generous airway technology, and has the characteristics of imported glue and repositionable. We measured the average installation time of two installations in 4.5 hours (compared to 9-12 hours). Thin films of time will reduce your labor costs and make you more competitive. 80% of the average total packaging cost is labor.

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  5. 140-160gsm backing paper with scale grid

    The design of 140-160gsm backing paper is easy to store car packaging, and can be stored for a long time and resold. The scale grid is easy to cut. All vinyls can print your brand.

  6. Firm Packaging of Auto Wrappen

    To sell these automotive vinyl wrappers again, our box is made of a sturdy double wallpaper (K ​​= K), which will ensure that the packaging is shipped correctly.

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