wrapmaster vinyl wrap sticking glass fragments

Why Don’t Wrap A Car?

Vehicle wraps can change the appearance of your car without sacrificing the original paint. It allows car owners to choose colors, styles and patterns not available from the original factory. If your car’s exterior has some blemishes or you don’t like the original color of your car, wrapping it with vinyl film is a good idea to change your car’s appearance and protect the paint.

car vinyl wrap also ensure driving safety when occurs traffic.

Wrapmaster car wrapping vinyl develops kinds of patterns every month, you can choose a pattern to improve your car vehicle’s body appearance according to your personal preferences, the car can be personalized to look beautiful. At the same time, a car vinyl sticker can keep your eyes comfortable to make the glare light soft, especially for the direct headlight dazzling lighting from the opposite car on the way to home. Prevent glare, keep eyes comfortable, and reduce accidents caused by glare.

For example, window film is used on the car window to decorate your vehicle and make the direct glare of sunlight soft for keeping drivers’ eyes comfortable. At the same time, when a traffic accident occurs on the driving way home, window vinyl film will stick glass fragments, otherwise, these fragments will hurt drivers’ eyes and faces.

Meanwhile PVC stickers have other basic safety features, such as clarity, anti-glare, UV-blocking, heat insulation, anti-scratch, sticking glass fragments, sufficient shelf life, privacy protection, and ensuring safe driving performance.

When Should You Get A Car Wrap?

1. Vehicle condition

If your car has dents, rust, or bad paint, you won’t be able to apply the wrap. The surface must be as smooth as possible for wrapping. So that’s why it’s important to do a good job detailing the car before applying the wrap. All scratches, dents, rust, and defects must be addressed; otherwise, the vinyl will not stick or will not perform well after wrapping.

2. Maintenance requirements

If your country is in a harsh environment all year round, then we do not recommend wrapping your car.The wrapped car should be protected from direct sunlight or long-term exposure to bad weather conditions. Otherwise its service life will be shortened. With the right maintenance, a vehicle’s wrap can last four to five years.

In a word, a car vinyl wrap sticker has two important functions: car decoration and keeping driving safe.

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