WrapMaster 20Series Automotive Vinyl Wrap

Take Your Business to A Brand-new Level

If you are looking for a good car wrap business opportunity, WrapMaster 20 series Automotive vinyl wrap is your best choice.

WrapMater Supreme Automotive vinyl wrap 20Series offers a variety of personalized looks and effects through a variety of unique and specific finishes. Super mirror chrome, super gloss crystal, super gloss metallic, satin metallic, heavy metal, ultra-matte metallic, magic gold, pearl Chameleon, and extreme textures are all available in the WM20series.

Along with these lines, WrapMaster Automotive vinyl wrap has introduced a selection of satin colors with a softer touch. These light-reflecting Supreme Wrapping Film color-shift series create truly gorgeous iridescent colors.

WrapMater 20Series Supreme Automotive vinyl wrap has been unanimously recognized and respected by customers.

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About WrapMaster 20series Vinyl Wrap

Glossy Iridescence Laser Black 1005 3

Wrapmaster Iridescence Laser Vinyl Wrap film is a totally unique film that produces a trippy gloss Flip effect when exposed to sunlight. It has a faint metallic luster and a glossy, iridescent shimmer. This visually appealing shade-shifting vinyl wrap cycles across the cooler end of the color spectrum and is 3.5 mils thick, making it ideal for wrapping. Wrapmaster 20 Series Automotive vinyl wrap is made of cast vinyl rather than calendared vinyl, which means it will not discolor or deform during installation.

Satin Metallic Lemon Green 6016 (1)

Wrapmaster Satin Metallic Vinyl Wrap is a high-performance, ultra-flat car vinyl wrap that features subtle metallic flakes. It has the appearance of silk with satin lusters. You’ll appreciate the quality and performance of this film, which is constructed with specifically engineered pressure-sensitive adhesives and bubble-free air-release channels. This 3.5 mil Satin film conforms to even the most complex curves, so pick up a roll to wrap your vehicle, truck, SUV, or ATV now!

Satin Brushed Black A6005 4

Wrapmaster Satin Metal Brushed Aluminum Vinyl is engineered to have a metallic effect. Also available in a chrome finish for a more reflective appearance. On the surface, there are numerous sparkles with a diamond luster. Create the appearance of genuine brushed aluminum with this vinyl.

Gloss Macaron Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Jazz Blue 06

If you want to give your car a fresh look, a Super Gloss Macaron Car Wrap can be the ideal option. Because this Automotive vinyl wrap is comprised of PVC plastic and is flexible, it may be used to wrap any recessed location. Gloss Macaron Automobile Wrap is a delicate macaron tone that makes people feel extremely comfortable while still exuding a beautiful metallic brilliance, so your car does not lose its elegance. It is also easy to remove because it is constructed of totally removable glue that does not affect the original surface.

Mirror Chrome Tiffany 8005 (1)

Wrapmaster Super Mirror Chrome Vinyl Wrap increased its adhesive and air-channel structure as an updated product of TSAUTOP High Stretchability Chrome Car Wrap, using the newest low-sticky and reposition adhesive and double-rhombus liner. The material is of great quality, with a superior mirror and smooth dual-layer vinyl that will transform your vehicle into a genuine chrome vehicle.

Green rainbow laser vinyl wrap

Rainbow Neochrome vehicle vinyl is a really interesting vinyl car film that uses a holographic appearance with chrome accents to make it look like a rainbow from different angles or in different environments. Depending on your vantage point, you’ll witness a vivid, gem-like show of various colors cycling through to lighter hues and back again.

shell white chameleon vinyl

Wrapmaster White Chameleon Car Wrap Vinyl is a Flip Pearl White Wrap Vinyl that replicates the glossy appearance of mother of pearl in a high-gloss, 20 Series wrap. This shade-shifting film is designed for both internal and exterior usage, and it can be wrapped around your truck, SUV, vehicle, bike, boat, or anything else with a hard, non-porous surface. Dual cast and 3.5 mm thick for dimensional stability. It may change color from white to gold, purple, red, or blue. There are matte and gloss finishes to choose from.

Magic Gold Orange 2003 4

Wrapmaster Magic Gold Hue Shift Vinyl Wrap is a CHAMELEON SHADE SHIFTING VINYL WRAPS that changes from gold to its original color in the light. This chameleon film is even more appealing due to its high-gloss texture. This dual-layered, cast film is 3 mils thick, ready to use, and will not discolor or distort when wrapped.

Matte Chrome Red 5017 1

Choose a matte Chrome Wrap Vinyl if you want a high-quality matte finish. Because it has low surface energy, it reflects dirt and fingerprints more easily than gloss covers. To protect the film from scratches, use a wet buffer to smooth out any defects and overlaminate it. Apply the wrap with a soapy solution for the greatest effects. This video is available at local home improvement shops as well as internet vendors.

Super Glossy Metallic China Red 3008 3

Wrapmaster Super Gloss Metallic Car Wraps is a professional-grade, high-gloss wrapping film designed for DIY installers. The ultra-gloss layer contains several little metallic flakes. They provide your car with a gleaming appearance and a strong metallic sensation when exposed to the sun. With Comply and Wrapmaster adhesives, this premium vinyl is readily repositioned and wrapped around even the most bizarre curves and corners. And, because all 20 Series Metallic films feature air-release adhesives, you get amazing every time.

Matte Heavy Metal Graphite Stone Grey S005 8

Wrapmaster Neon Heavy Metal Wrap is a Satin Dust film that features heavy metal flakes and a dusting of gold or silver flakes throughout. Utilize this 20 Series inside or out to give your car, truck, or SUV a stylish appearance. This 3.5 mils thick film is rated for 7 years of durability and is designed for DIY installation. It also contains air-release adhesives for bubble-free results.

Ultral-matte Metallic Stone Green (8)

Wrapmaster Neon Ultra Matte Metallic Car Wrap is a premium matte metallic vinyl wrap with faint metal flakes that imparts a subtle yet strong matte appearance to your vehicle. It appears frosted due to the sanding, but it is actually quite silky and smooth. The seven different colors enhance the appearance of your car, truck, or SUV, and you may use this 20 Series quality cool car wraps inside or out.

Glossy Crystal Nardo light Grey 7033 22

Wrapmaster Super Glossy Crystal Vinyl Wrap is both high-performance and high-gloss, with a clear adhesive and 3mil film that exudes a crystal sheen. When cut with your Cricut or Silhouette cutter, it works just as well as a window decal as it does as signage lettering. It’s ideal for a wide range of applications, and you can use it with confidence because it’s rated for 8 years of outdoor durability.

Sparkle Pearl vinyl wrap black 45

If you’re looking for a Sparkle Car Wrap for your vehicle but don’t know where to start, here are some pointers to assist you to choose the ideal one. There are several alternatives available on the market, but here are some of the best: WrapMaster sells matte and gloss glitter vinyl wraps. This film has innumerable fine diamonds inlaid in the PVC base material, which shines in the sunshine. The nicest thing about this form of wrap is that it is both inexpensive and long-lasting. A glossy glitter car cover is an excellent choice for automobiles with a smooth surface and elements of modest difficulty.

sparkle blue red

Wrapmaster Blue Glitter Chameleon vinyl wraps are ideal for adding a splash of color and wonder to your vehicle, truck, or SUV. Who doesn’t like the appearance of the color-shifting blue film? The glitter dazzle like nobody’s business now that metallic flakes are embedded in the film. This sparkling Chameleon vinyl, like other Wrapmaster grade vehicle wrap films, is produced with an air-release, pressure-sensitive adhesive to ensure bubble-free results every time.

Twins Color candy grey red vinyl film

Magic Color Shift Vinyl Wrap is Psychedelic Premium Wrapping Cast Film, it is a high-gloss, premium vinyl with a color shift effect. Depending on your vantage point, you’ll witness a vivid, gem-like show of various colors cycling through to lighter hues and back again. Furthermore, since the vehicle wraps are a full mil thicker than manufactured Flip films, they are simpler to work with and stretch.

Matte Ceramics Khaki Grey 5012 (6)

WrapMater Matter ceramic wrap is suitable for all types of cars, as it doesn’t reflect light. While glossy wraps catch and reflect light, matte films absorb the light.  It also doesn’t look as bright, which means that it doesn’t distract attention from your curves. 

pet Liquid Metallic Dragon Red (9)

Consider a Liquid Metallic Wrap when trying to change the appearance of your car. These automobile accessories are a terrific way to give your vehicle a fresh appearance without having to spend money on a new paint job. A selection of colors is available for the liquid-based film to be sprayed on your car. Metallic, pearlescent, and clear-coat finishes are among the customizing choices for the liquid-based film. The application procedure is simple and straightforward, and you have the option of selecting the color that best complements your vehicle.

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