Various Cool Headlight Tint Film For Your Car

Headlight Tint Film is a transparent tinting film with an 80 percent VLT content that is specifically developed for use on headlights, taillights, and fog lights. This highly formulated three-ply film stretches and conforms to the shapes of your vehicle’s lights when heated and is readily cut with a razor blade or exacta knife. Wrapmaster Blackout Smoke film is ideal for use on cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and just about anything else with light housing.

There are three types of finishes available: gloss (12colors), matte, and chameleon(10colors), TPU Smoke light film(3 colors). Wrapmaster Headlight Tint Film’s normal size is 0.3*8m/roll, 4m is enough for 4 lights tinting. We can make a custom size for the dealer or wholesaler. such ad 0.3*100m/roll, 0.3*200m/roll. You can cut any size for your clients. Welcome to becoming WrapMaster Distributor.

If you want to buy one roll for your car, please order from my online shop. If you need to know more about WrapMaster car wraps, please contact us.