The Most Popular Premium Vinyl Wrap

If you are looking for a high-performance car wrap, consider purchasing WrapMatser 21series premium vinyl wrap.

WrapMaster covers top-grade TPU self-healing paint protection film, PET liner super gloss metallic and crystal car vinyl without orange peels, and Ultimate Flat Matte Vinyl Car Wrap. Once launched, it is well received by customers.

The WrapMater Top-grade TPU paint protection film is made with a high-quality base material imported from the United States and an anti-fouling repair coating including over 20 chemical components. It uses revolutionary Dip-coating composite technology as well as an ultra-fine coating method to effectively cover and cover.

The extremely small micropores on the surface of PPF are covered, reducing the number of micropores and isolating possible pollutants from the outside world, resulting in a more protected, glossy, wear-resistant, and durable body surface.

PET Backing car vinyl utilizes a high-quality polymeric vinyl release liner, technical advancements, and a novel PET double-layer lamination technology (super exhaust effect) to provide a sturdy and lustrous finish to your vehicle. To get an exquisite mirror quality, the car’s surface should be smooth and devoid of orange peel.

Ultimate Flat Matte Vinyl Car Wrap looks like matte vinyl, but it feels very smooth and never reflective, giving your car an understated luxury.

In the follow-up, WrapMaster 21 series premium vinyl wrap will launch more novel products one after another.

Wrapmaster is always looking for premium vinyl wrap shop retailers and car vinyl wrap wholesalers to cooperate. If you would like to become a dealer, please leave a message. WrapMaster will try our best to support you. Wrapmaster always develops & researches new patterns and types of vinyl car wrap and improves better vehicle vinyl wraps for a longer life span and better car sticker effect.

If you would like to order one roll of  WrapMatser 21series premium vinyl wrap for wrapping your car, please place an order in Wrapmaster Online shop.

Wrapmaster Car Wraps Swatch

WRAPMASTER still has more other premium vinyl wrap types, you can contact us or download catalog

WM21 Series Premium Vinyl Wrap Introduction

The Advantages of TPU Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

TPU Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

WRAPMASTER top TPU paint protection film has undergone more than 1,000 field weather resistance tests in 375 complex environments. In addition, each material must undergo optical testing, mechanical testing, thermal testing, chemical performance testing, etc., developed according to local conditions, to ensure the superior weather resistance and stability of raw materials.

WRAPMASTER top TPU paint protection film has anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, yellowing resistance, penetration resistance, high ductility, high tensile strength, high puncture resistance, easy construction, repeated tearing, and sticking without leaving glue marks, and self-cleaning degree that surpasses all market ones. product, easier to clean, less dirty.

It adopts high-grade base material imported from the United States, which has better flatness, and brightness improves light transmittance, and eliminates orange peel.

Wrapmaster’s top TPU paint protective film adopts patented coating technology. The ultra-fine coating process can effectively cover and hide the extremely small pores on the PPF surface, reduce the number of pores and isolate possible external pollution, so as to better protect the body surface, and make it shinier, wear-resistant, and lasting.

What are the benefits of PET Liner car wraps?PET Liner instructure

Consider purchasing a premium vinyl wrap with a PET liner if you want a high-performance car wrap.

To give your car a strong and shiny finish, this car wrap employs a high-quality polymeric vinyl release liner, technological innovation, and a revolutionary PET double-layer lamination method (super exhaust effect). Make the car surface smooth and free of orange peel to achieve a stunning mirror finish.

Because of the super exhaust effect release, installation is simple and quick. When stretched, the PET material is elastic and does not change color. Every edge can be wrapped with ease. When Henkel’s solvent-based acrylic adhesive is removed, no glue is left behind, effectively protecting your car paint and increasing the value of your vehicle.

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