Taste The Development History Of Car wraps From TS19Series Cheap Car Vinyl Wrap

After 2005, car body color changing began to become fashionable life, and PVC vinyl became the material of choice for car wrapping. Cheap Car Vinyl Wrap is a versatile material that may be used to give your life more style and individuality. Our vinyl car wraps come in practically any color, pattern, or texture you can think of.

WrapMaster Cheap Car Vinyl Wrap may be applied to almost any hard, non-porous surface.

WrapMaster 19series as a classic Cheap Car Vinyl Wrap series includes 3D/4D/6D/8D carbon fiber vinyl, matte car wrap, gloss vinyl wrap, chrome vinyl wrap, brushed aluminum vinyl film, Holographic Vinyl Film, glossy/matte metallic vinyl wrap, TPH Paint Protection Film, camouflage vinyl wrap, Galaxy Car Vinyl Wrap, headlight tint, custom car wraps, sticker bomb vinyl wrap, and so on.

So far, these categories are still loved by the majority of users for their excellent quality and reasonable price. If you want to get one roll of Cheap Car Vinyl Wrap for your car, please go to my online shop. Certainly, we welcome you to start your car wrap business for WrapMaster.

Wrapmaster Car Wraps Swatch

TSAUTOP 19 Series

gloss dark light headlight lighting films for vehicle

Gloss Light Film

TPU Smoke light film (Light gray)

TPU Light Tint Film


Chameleon Light Tint Film

WRAPMASTER only show parts of car vinyl film here, if you want to know more patterns, please contact us for more details, or download the catalog!!!

About TSAUTOP 19series Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Satin Brushed Black A6005 4

TSAUTOP Brushed Vinyl Film is a traditional brushed aluminum vinyl with a hint of steel. The performance is quite consistent, and it’s simple to install using unique air-release adhesives that assure a bubble-free installation every time, whatever of your skill level.

6d carbon fiber vinyl

TSAUTOP 6D Carbon Fiber vinyl films are a 2-ply bubble-free film with a realistic 4D or 3D design that is easy to apply. This film can be applied smoothly for excellent results, thanks to its bubble-free technology and air egress technology. It’s great for anything from basic wrapping tasks to more complex car wraps, and it’ll last you up to ten years. It will add a cool lustrous and glamorous feel to whatever you wrap because it is UV stable and has an ultra-high gloss and smooth finish. Once fitted, the ultra-realistic 6D pattern is almost indistinguishable from actual carbon fiber.

Glossy Crystal Sunflower Yellow 7028 10

The quality of TSAUTOP high gloss vinyl wrap has greatly improved as an updated gloss car vinyl wrap, with a more glossy and smooth surface. And the high gloss color palette has grown to include 17 different shades, with the most popular being nardo grey and cement grey.

matte pearl vinyl ice film car vinyl wrap

With their Matte Metallic Supreme Wrapping film, TSAUTOP Matte Metallic Vinyl makes it simple to get that iced-out effect. This Matte Metallic vinyl wrap has a flat surface and a metallic flake. This vinyl wraps even the most extreme curves and corners without deforming or discoloring, thanks to its 3.2 mm thickness. Air-release adhesives are used on cast and dual-layer vinyl film.

Printed Black Camo vinyl wrap

TSAUTOP Camo Vinyl Wrap is a high-quality wrapping film designed for do-it-yourselfers. TSAUTOP camouflage films are produced to order with proprietary air-release adhesives to guarantee a bubble-free installation every time, regardless of your skill level. Camouflage films are UV resistant and have a pleasing satin finish, so you can be certain that anything you wrap will look excellent for years. There are four different kinds of camouflage patterns: jungle camo, desert camo, digital camo, and snow camo.

WRAPMASTER self adhesive car galaxy vinyl sticker

Want to turn your hood, trunk, or man cave wall into a Star Wars scene? Get the appearance of deep space right now by wrapping your car, truck, wall, SUV, or ATV in TSAUTOP Star Light Galaxy Car Wrap Vinyl. This DIY installation film is UV stable and has a particular air-egress adhesive that ensures bubble-free results every time. There are no special tools or adhesives necessary.

PVC Matte Black car wraps from China

The matte surface of the TSAUTOP Matte Vinyl Wrap eliminates the icing look. This series has a high gloss finish that is flat and looks like matte painted surfaces. TSAUTOP Matte Vinyl Wraps are simple to clean and maintain, with no fingerprints, dirt marks, or blemishing throughout the cleaning process.

pet crystal piano black

TPH Paint protection film refers to the kind and brand of paint protection film that a car owner may apply to their vehicle. The clear bra is frequently put to the front end of the vehicle to protect the paint from flying debris. The front bumper, grille, headlights, and splitter are all covered by the transparent bra, which protects the paint of the automobile. The “bra” component of the name refers to the transparency of the film, not the sort of material used for vehicle bodywork.

 Glossy Metallic Vinyl

TSAUTOP Glossy Metallic Vehicle Vinyl Wrap meets a need you didn’t know you had: a glossy brown vinyl wrap with a significant metallic flake for your vehicle or truck. You can now turn your car into the metal-flecked equivalent of a truck, too! You’ll enjoy the appearance and performance of this vinyl, which is made from three-layer wrapping film and has bubble-free adhesives and reposition technology so it won’t adhere to itself.

holographic black chrome laser vinyl wrap

TSAUTOP Holographic Chrome Vinyl Film is a 5.1 mil thick self-adhesive polyester-based film that is wonderfully sturdy and made to survive for years inside and outdoors for anything you want to wrap. This holographic chrome film offers a laser and chrome look and may be used to wrap a vehicle, make decals, signage, or wrap personal objects. The holographic design features a high-gloss surface and air-egress channels for seamless installations that will wow anybody who sees it.

Lightning Vinyl Wrap 1015-1

The sticker bomb effect is a fantastic way to make your automobile or truck unique. This vinyl comes in a variety of styles and maybe put on almost any surface. Such as cartoon graphics, lightning vinyl car wrap, animal skin, and rust effect vinyl patterns. This device is ideal for any vehicle because of its unique Air Drain Technology. The sticker bomb style is accessible to everyone due to its flexibility and inexpensive cost. Installation may also be done in a number of ways. TSAUTOP is an excellent alternative if you want to save money.

headlight tint film

Tint Film is a transparent tinting film with an 80% VLT that is designed for use on headlights, taillights, and fog lights. This carefully made 3-ply film can be readily cut with a razor blade or exacta knife and is intended to stretch and mold to the shapes of your vehicle’s lights with heat. TSAUTOP Blackout Smoke film may be used on your vehicle, truck, SUV, motorbike, and almost anything else with light housing. There are three types of finishes: gloss, matte, chameleon, and TPU light tint film.

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