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WrapMaster™ is a well-respected and well-known brand as a premium vinyl wrap supplier, and we have a reputation for high-quality vinyl wraps.

A wide range of styles and colors is available for Wrapmaster car wraps, and its cost-effective price is a major selling point. Moreover, a car wrap doesn’t require the car’s paint to be repainted. It doesn’t void lease agreements or depreciate a car’s value.

WrapMaster Paint protection film made of TPU that self-heals may be mended automatically. Scratches go away, and chips form in the gaps.

Wrapmaster® provides a variety of ceramic tint materials with varying degrees of heat resistance, such as 100% nano-ceramic tint, carbon-ceramic tint, and diffuse reflection metal-ceramic window tint. All of our ceramic tints are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize the look of your car.

Wrapmaster® Architectural reflective window film increases interior comfort by rejecting heat, lowering HVAC loads, and keeping renters comfortable. It also has a contemporary style and offers buildings a consistent outside appearance.

Reflective film is our most popular commercial option, and we offer it in a variety of colors such as silver, gold, black, dark blue, light blue, and green to match the exterior of your building.

Wrapmaster cutting vinyl is its variety of colors and types. If you’re looking for an eye-catching car wrap, this is the best option. These vinyls are available on an instant basis, and you can create any type of advertisement and sign you want.

Wrapmaster also offers a number of vinyl wrapping tools to aid the installation process. These tools include Knifeless tape, squeegees, a vinyl wrapping tool kit, and more.

As a vinyl wrap supplier with good service, Wrapmaster built an online shop for some DIY customers or car wrappers. Certainly, WrapMaster welcomes you to become a vinyl wrap distributor.

PET Liner Cast Car Wrap

Super Gloss Crystal ( PET Liner) Piano Black PET7001

PET Backing Glossy Crystal Vinyl

PET Liner Liquid Metallic Dragon Blood Red Car Wrap

PET Liner Liquid Metallic Vinyl

Super Gloss Metallic (PET liner)midnight Purple PET3030

PET Liner Glossy Metallic Vinyl

Premium Carbon Fiber Car Wrap

PET Liner Ceramic Carbon Fiber

Paint Protectiion Film

T-Grade TPU Paint Protection Film

TOP Series TPU Paint Protection Film

Matte Paint Protection Film

Matte TPU Paint Protection Film

Gloss TPU Paint Protection Film TPU01

7.5mil TPU Paint Protection Film

Gloss TPU Clear Paint Protection Film TPU02

6.5mil TPU Paint Protection Film




Macaron Gloss( PET Liner) Avocado green MPF3007


Ultral-matte Metallic Magic Black Purple UM8012A

Matte Metallic Magic

(Color changing by water)


For more car vinyl types and colors, please download WrapMaster’s Latest catalog!


For more car vinyl patterns, please download vinyl catalog!


Cutting Vinyl

Vinyl Wrapping Tool

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